Friday, 12 October 2012

Five Simple Things You Can Do Before An India Tour

A tour to India remains on the wish list of millions of travellers worldwide.  The geographical and cultural diversity, heritage, endless tourism potentials and hospitable natives make this nation more inviting. The plenty of colourful vistas in this country engage and tempt the travellers to begin their much awaited tour. But some of them return with unpleasant memories of being in India. After listening to many clients their experiences in India, I came on to a simple conclusion – lack of planning.  These tourists became too overwhelmed in fascination of their tour and sidelined some important decisions taken in time.  The consequences of this ignorance result in inconvenience experienced during the tour. But worry not. Timely actions can prevent such problems during the journey. There is a checklist including six simple steps for a smooth experience in this country of colours.
Planning the itinerary well in advance is one of the prominent decisions before the India tour. Streamlining the choice of destination and the nature of tour also hold importance during the planning process. These decisions, taken ahead of time will help the tourists in many ways. They will be able to secure fair deals in a cost effective way.  This in turn will save the tourists from the inconvenience at a later stage with last minute rush in taking important decisions and compromising with the quality of transportation and accommodation.
It is always suggested to streamline the time according to the tour in India. If tourists want beach holidays in India, then six-seven days should be the ideal period of the journey. Similarly, if the tour involves some great physical effort in terms of sightseeing, then few extra days should be incorporated in the itinerary to get rid of the exhaustion.
Most travel counsellors recommend tourists to begin an India tour as a part of similar interest group. The more number of persons travelling to India will trim down the costs of accommodation and transportation. Plus, the company of like minded travellers is also a great experience during the journey. This will even assist tourists in safe and sheltered movements in India.
Fixing on the type of accommodation is also an important decision before visiting this country. There are many instances where the wrong accommodation decisions affect the quality of an India tour. Some preventive measures will surely help tourists in securing fair deals from the hotels. There are many options available in terms of hotel accommodation ranging from five star to budget category. It is recommended to review the hotel’s credibility in terms of the facilities and past experiences of tourists in the form of reviews.  This preliminary research for hotels will prevent tourists from unwanted encounters at the place of stay.
The last simple and important step before India tour is finalizing the mode of transportation. There are three major routes to India - by air, by road and by rail. By air is by far the most comfortable journey experience in India allowing tourists to cover thousands miles in few hours. Railways are a cost effective public transit system allowing them to be a part of Indian crowd. Roadways journey is one of the flexible transfers aiming to provide tourists a smooth movement on road. Transportation should be finalized in tune with the schedule of the tour.
Following these simple steps will ease and prevent a lot of problems during an Incredible India Tour and make it a fulfilling, enriching and unforgettable experience.

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