Sunday, 3 February 2013

How to avoid a cultural shock during India tour

Culture in India enjoys more than a million interpretations in the form of traditions, ceremonies, customs and way of life. Over the journey of five thousand years, these rich cultural roots have assimilated and endured many foreign influences numerous times. This resulted in a civilization that is known to assimilate new beliefs, values and traditions.
Presently, this country is made up of 28 states; each having different festivals, values, lifestyles and cultural wealth unified under a visionary thought of ‘unity in diversity’. This idea brings the racial, heritage and traditional diversity on a single platform, lending this country a uniform identity. Royal pride of Rajasthan, the languish essence of Goa, etiquettes of Uttar Pradesh, artistry of West Bengal or cosmopolitan delights of Delhi; all of its regions have a different essence blending effectively into a cultural cocktail of India.
For a first timer like you, this bouquet of cultural diversity might serve as an unexpected and overwhelming encounter. The western world has termed this as a ‘cultural shock’; evoking physical or emotional discomfort during an exotic tour. This nostalgia of homesickness begins the moment when you step out of an Indian airport. You start comparing the goodness of home country with its crudeness. This alienated feeling invades your minds with confusions; separating you from the real joys of being in India.
There will be sleeping dogs on the pavements and mowing cows standing in the middle of the road, inviting traffic jam. There will be smells of various kinds; rich incense aromas or crisp spicy fragrances sensed abundant in every direction. There might be shrilling chorus of horns honking at a traffic jam or a profound silence during chanting inside the temples echoing in unison about the multifaceted nature of this colourful country. There is a lot of contrasting chaos in India, but still it is one of the most visited countries of the world, famous for its incredible delights. It is often said that tourists visit India, not only to find a country but themselves.
Such kinds of success stories in this country are many where tourists returned back with cherished memories and a yearning for more during the tour. But they all came into existence only after beating the cultural shock. This doesn’t mean ignoring the negatives, but an affirming acceptance of paradoxes, which will surely bring a smile and a sense of satisfaction to you.
One of the best ways to beat this cultural shock is to recognize the variations inherent in this country and accept them heartily. This will prove to be an icebreaker between you and India and in turn will inspire you to be an active participant of its traditions, rituals and customs. This exercise will surely help attain the frame of mind wherein you will be able to realize the expectations of an incredible tour. You can surely enjoy its cultural, ethnical and racial diversity, once you accept that they exist. As you venture this country in great detail, you will surely feel good about the fruitful journey you've accomplished so far. It will help you in cherishing the India tour.
Also, you can avail a cultural tour to India to avoid such a shocking experience. This rich tour will make your journey memorable and unforgettable. And why not? The down to earth approach and various ingredients of Indian society will allow you to spend the vacations in their best possible form.
Here, you will be introduced to the different cultures, traditions, art forms and customs of the tourist destinations slowly. Beginning with a traditional welcome in an Indian way, where guests are received with warmth and hospitality defined under the ancient tenet of ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah.’ It is interpreted in terms of serving the tourist as a guest with divine standards of hospitality.
Another great thing about its culture is that there is so much happening in every second, making you gasp in wonder about its scintillating diversity. Besides stunning scenery, the native also allows you to click perfect shots as a souvenir of visiting India. Before clicking, make sure that you seek permission from the people, to capture the great subjective shots.
One just needs to break the cliché of cultural shock to indulge in the true pleasures of an India tour in its best possible way and form. To know more about its rich culture, visit Incredible India tour.