Friday, 18 December 2015

India Tours - An Ultimate Tour Plan to India

India is one of the greatest civilization of the world, the continuity of which is traceable back to thousands of years. A decisive factor in shaping India's culture and history has been its geography and ecology. Beginning from the snow-clad peaks of Himalaya in the north to the sea enclosed southern peninsula, India is true blend of landscapes and environment.
On account of its diversities, unique culture and an old age tradition of tourism, India has been the most attractive destination for the visitors around the globe. India is big pack  age culture and legend that never fails to captivate the imagination of the visitors. Tourism is a highly fragmented industry with many different participants including tour operators, the transport and hotel industry, and of course, the tourists themselves.
India is probably the only country that offers various categories of tourism. A trustworthy India Tour operator plays a very important role in the development and promotion of tourism in India. Many Indian tour operators offer attractive tour packages for the India tours. These include South India tours, Rajasthan tours, Pilgrimage tours, India Wildlife tours, Temples of India tours and many further. These tour packages satisfy all types of tourists weather they are culture tours lovers or nature & adventure tour lovers.
If you are nature lover and interested in culture, Kashmir tours and Ladakh tours will be much interesting and pleasant. One can also enjoy thrill familiarity of wildlife during wildlife tours. India has 80 national parks and 441 wildlife sanctuaries. The Bengal Tiger, the Asiatic Lion, the One-horned Rhino and the Indian Elephant are the prime attractions of the wildlife tours in India.
Being an ancient country, India is a country of magnificent monuments and palaces. During Rajasthan tours one can visit many royal monuments and grand palaces. Rajasthan Tours is considered the most popular tour packages among the all the Indian tours packages. Rajasthan tours package also offers a very exotic tour circuit which is known as Golden triangle tours. Without going throw this circuit no one can think about complete Rajasthan tours. This tour circuit covers Delhi (the capita of India), Jaipur (the capital of Rajasthan, India) and Agra, Uttar Pradesh (famous all over the world for the beautiful love monument Taj Mahal and grand Agra Fort). Apart from Rajasthan tours, one can also visit many royal and picturesque monuments and palaces during Goa tours and South India Tour.

If your heart desires warmth of nature, lovely hill stations, lovely beaches, beautiful panoramas, imperial waterfalls, then you must choose Kashmir tours, Himachal tours, Goa tours and South India Tours. South India tours are also famous among tourists as well as Indian tour operators for its Yoga and meditation tour.

If you want to make an ultimate tour plan to travel India, a reliable tour operator, definitely will be very helpful. So, what are you waiting for? Travel to India and experience its culture, exciting adventure, matchless beautiful landscapes which are waiting for your arrival.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Trip to South India - An Incredible Travel Experience

Are you puzzled about which places to visit on a south India ? Well, as it is, the southern states of India i.e. Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana and Tamil Nadu offers a variety of gorgeous tourism destinations where you can discover backwaters, temples, hill stations, forests and beaches. On top of all these, if there are a number of reasonable SouthIndian tour packages available in the market, you are bound to get confused!

 Visiting the peninsular part of India gives you a number of opportunities to see its beautiful nature and varied cultures from a close quarter. Talking about culture, if you set out on a South India temple tour to the wonderful stone temples of Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, Kanyakumari, Rameshwaram and Madurai in Tamil Nadu you will surely get impressed by their reflection of rich south Indian history. These historical architectures depict some the best epics and nuances of Hindu tradition. Another prominent temple worth visiting during south Indian tour are Tirupati temple (Andhra Pradesh). Hassan, Hampi and Mysore are popular destinations in Karnataka thronged by hundreds of tourists from across the world.

Other luminous architectural specimens of South India are the Golconda Fort and the Charminar (both in Hyderabad), Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, High Court Complex,  Cubbon Park and Vidhan Soudha (all in Bangalore), where you must visit during your South tour. All these destinations are exclusive in their own way and have strong connection to India's glorious history.

In case you have limited time and want to discover the best in south India then it is better that you purchase a Kerala backwater tour package and visit the Alleppey backwaters in Kerala. You will surely love to stay in one of the traditional houseboats and take a cruise along these backwaters. It is indeed a once in a lifetime experience.

Simply refresh your soul in the extensive greenery of the exotic Kovalam Beach during a Kerala tour and the famous Marina Beach while visiting Tamil Nadu. Some of the other tourist places in the state of Kerala are the Kochi fort, the Wayanad Sanctuary, the city of Trivandrum and the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. Beside these, if you take a tour of the beautiful hill stations of Kodaikanal and Ooty (both in Tamil Nadu), Munnar (Kerala) and Coorg (Karnataka) you will feel like having spent your money well for a south Indian tour.

So the more you travel in south India the more you will realise that there is so much to see and do on a South India tour. Not only this, such is the calming effect of a South India tour that be sure to return home rejuvenated.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Discover Goa - The Land of Stunning Beaches

Goa is the smallest but stunning state of India. It is a dream destination for everyone who loves traveling. It is a wonderful destination for all class - young, old, children, honeymooners etc. Every year large gathering of tourists from all over the world come to India for making their holidays in Goa. Although Goa is widely known as a beach destination, it is also known for its unique culture, tradition, history, monuments,  churches, temples, etc. Due to its breathtakingly beautiful beaches and superb natural beauty it grabs the attention of foreign nationals.  

Goa, a tiny emerald land, with its breathtakingly striking beaches, natural scenic beauty, architecturally gorgeous temples & churches, feasts and festivals and above all welcoming people, is also a family holiday destination. Your Goa tours to India will take you to a destinations which is durable abode of scenic charm and copious tourist spots dotted with lovely beaches and historical monuments that have kept the legacy of Portuguese alive. In fact Goa tourism offers you a lot of options to do and see such as fun & elation, cultural heritages, beaches, scenic charm, evergreen hills, lovely lakes & rivers, etc.  Goa is known for a destination which is full of fun and joy. Fun and elation are part of Goa life. While you will be on your Goa holiday tours, you will experience that in  Goa everyday is a celebration with full of music, dance, fun and ecstasy. There are a lot of options for entertainment in Goa to find Goa Tour packages. One of the best ways is to enjoy entertainment in Goa is taking part in musical parties which are conducted on Goa beaches. They conduct throughout the night and are also known as trance parties.

Goa, popularly described as the beach capital of India, is an attractive place and a lot of charter operates during season.  Beaches of Goa and its beautiful charm creates a romantic atmosphere for honeymooners.  During your Goa tour you should not forget to engage yourselves in shopping activities. While you will explore Goa beaches you will find several stalls selling handicrafts, fabrics, sea-shells, mouthwatering cuisine, etc.

Hotels in Goa are also play a major role in Goa tourism. There are several outstanding hotels in Goa which offer world-class accommodation.  So, if you too want to enjoy the unique charm of Goa tours, welcome, explore this gorgeous land with a range of attractions. There are several Goa tour packages available which enable you to discover this tiny but beautiful land in more and more expedient ways.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Explore the Indian Spirituality in Varanasi

Varanasi formerly known as Banaras and Kashi - the city of light, it has a strong spiritual past and being considered as the most important place of Hindu pilgrimage. It is believed to be the oldest city of the world and still taken as the most religious place of India.

No other place is as spiritual and charismatic as the pious Ghats of Varanasi surrounded by divine temples. It is believed that those people who die in this holy place directly reach to their salvation. They get blessed by the creator and gets free from the karma chakra, they get liberated from the cycle of life and death. The river Ganges is said to be the river of salvation, and that Hindu pilgrims who takes a dive in the river Ganges gets their sins washed away. Mostly Hindu pilgrims come here to cremate their family members who are dead and get their sins washed away. It's a place of death and rebirth.

According to the Hindu mythology, this city is the beating heart of Hindu religion. It's a place where physical and spiritual world crosses itself. This majestic city is the place of countless deaths, rituals of life and death has been witnessed by the Ghats of the river Ganges since ages and ages. These kinds of ancient practices and rituals raise the curiosity of tourists and attract them to the core. Moreover, the quiet walk along the Ghats offers a fascinating experience. Boat rides on the river banks of Ganges provides a breath taking view and unforgettable experience to remember.

Varanasi Tour offers a totally different and unique picture to its visitors which they have never witnessed before and that can never be seen in any other place of the world. To visit this holy city is an experience in itself which one can never be able to forget. In this place one gets closer to its soul. People experience a kind of self discovery, experience the oneness of the physical and the spiritual self.

Apart from the spiritual significance of the Varanasi, this city is also known for its art and culture. Because of the rich cultural tradition of Varanasi, it is also famous as the cultural capital of India. Varanasi is a perfect blend of history, mythology, archaeology, and art which makes it significant in terms of Indian culture. Apart from the enigmatic Ghats, Varanasi has beautiful temples, excellent architecturally built forts, structural monuments and different cultural centers to offers to the tourists which are a must to visit while travelling in this city.

Like other states of India, Varanasi is also famous for its festivals Varanasi Diwali Celebration Tour. Here festivals have been celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The city provides smooth travelling, whether the travelers chose to travel by airways, railways or roadways, it is very well connected from all the other parts of the country and provide comfortable transport facilities.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is world famous for providing an essence of Indian culture and tradition. Pushkar is one such town in the state of Rajasthan which reflects the elegance and royalty of Rajasthan and the whole of India. Pushkar is one of the five sacred Dhams – the famous and most visited pilgrimage site in India and has been located at 14km North West from Ajmer. The snake mountain originally named as the ‘Nag pahar’ forms a natural fringe between Ajmer and Pushkar. Enclosed with hills on the three sides Pushkar has plethora of temples.
Pushkar means born through a flower and it lies on the edge of Pushkar Lake which is believed to be a lake of salvation. The place has a lot of religious significance and has mythical stories too behind its formation and origin. It comprises five major temples apart from the small ones and around 52 Ghats where the devotees soak themselves in the sacred water. One of the most prominent temples of Pushkar is the 14th century old Brahma temple which is the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma – the creator according to Hindu mythology, in the whole of India and the world. Pushkar is also known as the “Tirth Raj”- the king of pilgrimage sites. And recently it has become a major tourist spot too attracting visitors from all around the world. Apart from the religious significance one can just simply spend time at shore of the lake and taking a quite walk around the lake will surely mesmerize you by its serene beauty.
Pushkar a small, relaxing and the most peaceful place comprises a lot of tourist attractions among which Pushkar fair is the most distinct one. Pushkar is world famous for its annual camel fair also known as Pushkar fair. People look forward to this fair with a lot of enthusiasm. Camels the ship of the desert is the main attraction during this annual festival, camels are being decorated with multi hued saddle cloth with heavy jewelry and some special competitions are being organized for the camels like camel beauty contest, camel races, camel polo etc. apart from these activities camels are also traded off. The excitement of the people can be seen through the way they are dressed up; males are seen with bright turbans and women with bright Ghagra’s and silver ornaments. The event also includes some folk dance and music performances with puppet shows, magic show etc.
Pushkar accommodates a fascinating merge of history and mythology providing the true essence and sanctity of the place and makes it a unique destination which is worth a visit. One can look forward to a lot of activities including camel safari in Pushkar, shopping in the colourful bazaars providing fascinating handicrafts, enjoying the vibrant Pushkar fair and much more. No other place can match up to Pushkar’s effervescence, vigor and brightness which it offers through its Pushkar fair, the serene Pushkar lake fringed by the hills on the three sides, the ancient temples and sand dunes which bestows a perfect landscape leaving the visitor wholly mesmerized.

Monday, 23 November 2015

India: A Trip to Remember for Life

Travelers who have already spent some time in India have a world class experience while visiting this incredible country. It is the most captivating country of the world. It is a country that takes care of the traveler's interests in terms of tourist attractions. Not only is the country affluent in housing grand wonders of nature but is equally prosperous in inhabiting man made wonders in the form of its heritage. The locals of the country make it comfortable and convenient for the tourists to travel here.

India with its fascinating sights and exclusively unique places whose beauty should be cherished in person, has been standing among the top tourist delights in Asia since time immemorial. This incredible country carries within its territory cultural history, wide-ranging topography, and much more with some striking destinations. This extensively diverse land depicts the fascinating fusion of different cultures and religions with various traditions. It affirms to be an absolute destination accommodating everything which a person requires for spending a vacation or travelling. A traveler can ask for anything here from hill stations to enchanting islands, from spectacular architectural pieces to divine temples, from thundering waterfalls to shimmering beaches, from quiet desert to exotic wildlife etc.

The charismatic charm of this enticing nation with its innumerable wonders just can't be described in words. The diverse geographical scenario of the country is primarily known for the Himalayas, the Thar Desert, the elongated shoreline, Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats etc. the contemporary mountain range of the world - The Himalayas comprise the most enchanting hill stations via its valleys that serves as a paradise for nature and adventure lovers. Some of the most visited hill stations of the Himalayan range are Shimla, Kashmir, Mussorie, Darjeeling, Gangtok, Nainital, Spiti, etc. The shoreline of the south comprises the most alluring coastal regions with enchanting natural wonders like backwaters of Kerala, shimmering sandy beaches of Goa, Kanyakumari, etc. Another fascination that adds to the diverse topography of the place is the magnetizing Thar Desert which offers thrilling adventure activities apart from the cultural affluence.

The enigmatic beauty of India can't be described in words so it is advisable to witness this interesting land of wonders in an organized and convenient way while travelling in here. Tourists who are planning to visit the country should opt for a tour to visit this bewitching nation at its best. Such tour packages are studded with numerous amazing locations which will definitely prove the trip worth while.